Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing begins with the identification and examination of all equipment on the local network looking for vulnerabilities on the intra-net and  Internet-facing systems. A network pen test will help determine whether an attacker can exploit and compromise targeted systems. 

  • Port Mapping
  • System Identification
  • Known Vulnerability Analysis
  • ​Detailed Reports

The ajTech Difference

In the digital landscape, there is much to be concerned about

At ajTech Pro Managed Services, we strive to ease your anxieties and help defend you from unknown dangers. Cybersecurity is an essential requirement to protect your Brand – your data, equipment, customers, employees and networks. 

Your Brand and your reputation are at risk now more than ever!

Social Engineering testing and training

Personnel is the weakest link in the cyber security chain.  It is also the most valuable asset in any organization.

Let us conduct social engineering tests on your organization.  We will then report on our findings and develop a systematic program that will encourage a culture of security throughout the organization. We report on our findings and can address concerns through speaking engagements and one-on-one sessions with employees in various departments to address their specific needs.

ajTech PROfessional Managed Services 

Dedicated security services for

networks - applications - Facilities 

and most importantly


enabling businesses to reduce risk

and increase their cyber-security posture.